January 29, 2015

Busy days (a kitty's job never ends)

I have my new Art Doll class open... I have the next class ready to start in the Soul Food.... I am organizing the 29 faces challenge just about to start.... The Traveling journals are almost to the end of their travels (both the small and the large books) ...
.. and a kitty that cannot see a door that didn't want to cross immediately. lol
If I do not open quickly, he comes and yells at the window.

*Well, the video was not showing, no idea why and seems like it doesn't want to be posted ggrrr

Here is the link just in case:

Do you have your stuff ready for the challenge??  2 more days! yaay!

I appologize for the captcha, really. Let me know if there's any trouble!
Most likely I will remove it for the challenge, because no one likes to deal with while visiting many blogs :oP

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January 26, 2015

spammy people

Guys, you know how I feel about the captcha verification box. I do not like it. However, recently I have been bombarded by a spammer, the ID is aryh884.
My message to this person is: STOP leaving spam in my blog! No live links, no weird messages, no unrelated ugly words will be approved, just stop please.

I am sorry to bring this up but it is really annoying, and too many of them!
I turned on the captcha, hopefully it will not be too much of a pain to leave a comment.
If you know of another way to avoid this, please let me know!
Thank you guys!

January 13, 2015

Oh my goodness!

I have been so busy working on 2 projects, --and sick with a nasty cold!-- hardly been online, but I have been painting, editing, photographing and all the yummy time-consuming stuff that art is.
Here is little hints from a class that will start soon in Soul Food:

I hope your week is going great!

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January 5, 2015

1st post of the year!

Hello! I haven't talked to you since last year! ... emmm ok, bad joke. :oP
I started the year with a sore throat and tons of projects to finish. I'll be quick!
Kids are back in school, the cat is bored which means I have to open the door 15 times more than I care lol But all is well.

in my doll blog, the 2 winners (1 for FB, one from my blog) of my doll class giveaway are Robin Walsh, and Carol SilverSprings. Congrats!!
So exciting! I will be contacting them both, in case they don't contact me first ♥

Registration is open for it, and I will bring a link to this blog as well, with the rest of the classes I offer. Pic of her shoes:

I am currently editing the next class for Soul Food and it is very exciting!!! I will be posting teaser pics when I'm ready ;o)

Thanks for stopping by!

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December 31, 2014

Last post of 2014

In other parts of the world, it is already 2015. How does it look, from there you guys? Let me know! :oD
It is still 7:00 in the afternoon, of the last day of 2014. Which by the way, it is a shocker that we are ending it since we barely started not too long ago! What happened? The months flew fast, for sure.
My goals for this ending year was focusing more into painting, and leaving dolls to the back burner, and take many things from my interests list, in order to center in just painting.
I can say that I was 90% successful in my goals, mainly because since last month I started to miss sculpting so badly! lol

In fact, I worked on a class for the past few weeks and registration is open for my new doll class HERE. (and there is a giveaway due next week!!!)
If you know someone would like to make a doll, please let them know ♥

My word for next year is BE. Hopefully I can be and still focus. Hopefully I can focus and still be :oD     Man proposes and God disposes, right?

Thank you for visiting this blog, thank you for your friendship and support.

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December 24, 2014

On my table, Christmas day

I took this quick picture from my table while waiting for some ingredients to thaw for my fruit salad . My art-supply version of the Nativity.

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December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

Many blessings, love, health and the company of your loved ones, wherever you are, and whatever celebrations you enjoy. Hugs!

Thanks for visiting ♥

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December 13, 2014

Quick post

All these past weeks I have been so busy working on a new class, that I have not had the mind to blog. Then I miss it so much! It feels easier to just post a small something in FB through the day, but now, the way they are filtering the posts, no one gets to see much of anybody...

I am currently having a giveaway in my doll-blog of a free spot in a DOLL class... if you want to participate, let me know!  It is a paperclay doll, and a FUN online class!

As for painting? This is one of the journal pages I have made:

Make a little time for art!

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November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving day!

There have been plenty of bad news on the TV, radio, online...  So many problems, riots, and offenses done to one another...
I just want to say, if we ALL as a family, community, city, country and Planet, take our time to do something NICE for another person, even just a small thing... this will be a better world. Lets always teach the children and remember ourselves, to be nice to each other, and to "pay forward" which is such a wonderful and sweet thing to do.

I wish you all in the US have a wonderful, meaningful Thanks Giving day.
Not just about the meal and the sales, but  about any good experiences and people that helped us grow this past year.   Many blessings (and cake!)

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November 23, 2014

Random stuff

I have been busy with house things, painting another piece of furniture: a headboard for the bed... a bed that we bought a month and 5 days ago, which has been a problem since delivery. They offered us to customize the mattress, then when it was not done right, they told us they could fix it for 100.00 more... huh? ... and still didn't get it right! And guess what? No refunds in custom orders. What a headache. We are still trying to sort that out, the owner is a horrid person.
But, whenever it is solved, we will have a very nice headboard for it. :oP

I also have been painting a lot, making videos, preparing for a new class next year in SoulFood group, and also making more online classes to purchase from my blog.

  My DH and I have been going for nice longer walks now that the weather is not hot. I always forget to take a camera to take pics of the leaves...

  I clipped the shrubs and my flowers and brought inside some bougainvillea branches. The flowers are a gorgeous pink/purple color that I love.
 The roses still will be blooming for another month. the heat was so heavy in all the poor plants, they just now are coming alive. If I get a calla lillie I will rush to take a picture. Usually that one only flowers in the spring, but it is looking very happy at the moment, so maybe it will show me one ♥

Thanks for visiting!  More art coming soon (°‿~ )

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November 17, 2014

Twinkling H2O paintings

Free video!
I had fun painting this page in the traveling journal, with the twinkling H2O watercolors... they are so pretty! The colors are beautiful and shimmery ♥
I had a typo at the end, it is "Golden fluids" for the hair, but somehow it only showed "gold"  so I corrected it ... it is actually Raw Umber.

I'd love it if you leave a comment in the video site !

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November 13, 2014

While I was waiting...

...for my flat tire to be repaired.

Somehow I managed to run over a HUGE screw and washer... which of course poke a hole.

Lost my tire and basically the whole,day, but hey, I had a pen and paper!:o)

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November 7, 2014

Free yaay!

Through the years I have been giving free goodies in my blog. Little tips to help you with your blog, or art tips, or art videos.

I gathered them in a link with  an icon (check my side bar) For those in mobile devices, you might have to click the "View Web Version" (under HOME) to see my sidebar.

Enjoy! And if you have a question or recommendation for a tutorial, let me know!

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October 28, 2014

Nothing much

This past week was not much for art. I had a horrid stomach flu, slept for 3 days straight, pretty much just thrown on the recliner feeling miserable. By Sunday I felt better and yesterday, Monday, I had dental surgery... again... same spot. Hopefully this time it was done correctly, I am so tired of dealing with it!   /(ಠ_ಠ)\
...Please zcuse the rant.

Anyway, that was that. I want to show you the video I made few weeks back.
Along with it, I reorganized my blog a bit, and have a "Free" section, full of free goodies I've made through the time for my blog readers!
Check again later when I upload the button for it ♥
If you have not subscribed to my newsletter (1 a week) now is the time to do it and get all my  posts on Thursdays in your inbox.
Or follow with the Friend-Connect on the left bar  (°‿~ )✌

Thanks for visiting, come back soon!
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